Patients from The Bahamas

Dr. Levine has a large patient following from The Bahamas; including The Bahamas' former Governor-General (1995 - 2001) Sir Orville Turnquest.

Dr. Levine offers consecutive cataract surgeries; meaning that a patient could arrive on Tuesday and return to The Bahamas on a Thursday. Most patients can be evaluated on a Tuesday, have their cataract removed from the first eye on a Wednesday and their second cataract removed on a Thursday; allowing them to return home at once to follow up with their local ophthalmologist.

Dr. Levine and his staff go above and beyond the normal standard of care by coordinating an effortless visit. We are happy to assist patients in making flight arrangements, organizing transportation, and helping to secure accommodations at a nearby hotel. For more information, please call our surgical coordinator, Daniela,  at 561-503-2554.


 Dr. Levine consulting with  Sir Orville Turnquest.

Dr. Levine consulting with Sir Orville Turnquest.