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I’m so happy with my new Tecnis lenses! I had worn glasses since I was 6 years old, I was very nearsighted. when Dr. Levine suggested that Tecnis multifocal lens would be perfect for me, I jumped for joy. I can see incredibly well now. Everything looks clean, fresh and bright now. Colors are better, print is better and my granddaughters are even more beautiful! I thank God and Dr. Levine for this new “miracle” in my eyesight. I look forward to many years of great vision. Thanks!
— Martha Thum, Age 61

We all expect our physician to be a person with up to date knowledge in their field of specialization. It would be very helpful if we had evidence that they were practiced and skilled in their work. We hope for that doctor to have an office that is efficiently yet caringly run with staff that treats us with respect and dignity. Dr. Levine and those associated with him fulfill all of these expectations.

Further, when you face surgery, you want the truth of what to expect, not some glossed over, quick explanation. Dr. Levine takes the time to answer your questions about the coming procedure truthfully and as thoroughly as you can handle. I also found all the staff associated with his surgical center to be of the highest caliber. They truly did their respective duties in a caring, easing of concern manner.

After the first cataract operation was completed in the time I was told it would take, my husband took me home and I had a brief nap. When I awoke, I was amazed at the difference afforded me by my new vision. At home, I tested the difference between the new lens and the old. I was astonished to find how brown everything was colored looking thru the untreated eye. The clarity and true colors seen from the new lens was wonderful. I could thread a needle unaided! It had been years since I could do that simple task.
After the second cataract surgery was completed, my husband took me directly to a restaurant for lunch! How often does that happen after a surgery? The improved vision afforded me by two new implanted lenses enables me to read without glasses, to drive the car with confidence again, to participate more fully in my busy life.

At six months past the surgery, I continue to marvel at the improvement in my vision and ability to do things involving my eyesight with no concern. My only regret is that like most others facing surgery on my eyes, my vision at stake, I waited a year and a half after Dr. Levine said my eyes were ready, before initiating the process.

Thank you, Dr. Levine.
— Lea Zatz

I love my new Tecnis lens. I have them in both eyes. I have gone from needing a magnifying glass to read the T.V. book and phone book to absolutely nothing else but my own Tecnis vision! I read without any artificial assistance. It really is a miracle and worth every penny.
— Marilyn Bernstein, Age 77

Our eyes are such a vital and extremely important part of us; that is why I wanted a reputable ophthalmologist. A friend of mine, who was so pleased with Dr. Michael Levine, recommended him.

My first office visit was in November 2009 and I can honestly say that I have been very pleased with Dr. Levine. He performed successful cataract surgery in both eyes and on my husband as well.

Dr. Levine has made the world a brighter place for us and could say “All the better to see you with.” It is comforting to have a doctor with excellent credentials and one who shows concern for his patients. Dr. Levine has a very pleasant and accommodating office staff as well as the ambulatory nursing staff.

As a satisfied patient, I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Levine as your ophthalmologist.
— Elaine Gold

Just a short testimony to let everyone who visits Dr. Levine know what they can expect. 1st class service! I recently had cataract surgery on both eyes, and I couldn’t be happier with the personalized service I received. Both Dr. Levine and his staff made me feel special. I wasn’t just another patient. The examination was very thorough and the equipment was all the latest technology.

Dr. Levine took the time to explain to me exactly what was going to happen during the operation and the recovery period. His staff was patient, courteous and conscientious. They followed up regularly with me to ensure everything was okay. I would highly recommend Dr. Levine to anyone needing any type of eye analysis.
— Zulema Kauts, Information Center Palm Beach State College

From the initial phone call through the examination of my eyes, the professionalism of the entire team was evident. Each step was clearly explained and I was completely comfortable with the doctor’s decisions concerning my eye care.
Follow-up appointments have confirmed my decision to have Dr. Levine care for my precious vision.

Thank you,
— Ivan Goldberg

After cataract surgery and the implant of Tecnis lenses, I want to thank Dr. Michael Levine for restoring color and sharpness to my eyesight. The freedom of not having to wear glasses is appreciated every day!

Dr. Levine, Dr. Castello and their staff are true professionals.

With my sincere appreciation,
— Cristina Bello

This letter of appreciation is for Dr. Michael Levine for his professionalism on implanting intraocular Tecnis lenses in my eyes which has given me perfect vision.
In my 84 years of age i feel happy and rejuvenated. I feel it is worth the investment
Your patient forever grateful,
— Dr. Nancy Acosta-Guillen

Dear Dr. Levine and Staff,
Much appreciation for the great care given me for my recent cataracts surgeries. They went so smooth and pain free. In my wildest dreams I could not have anticipated the outcome. No glasses period. My eye sight is as good as in my teens. Everything is bright and colorful. It’s amazing! The best thing is I can buy sunglasses over the counter both for every day and fishing.
Many thanks,
— Blair J. Schrader

Dr. Levine,
From beginning to end I wish to thank you for your wonderful and great care, service, and attention I received in your hands. Also your great staff was so nice and efficient. I can’t thank you enough for being able to pick up and book and read without glasses. I’m so happy, thanks again.
— Eleanor Hendrick