Handwritten Patient Testimonials 2018

From my very first visit to this office I was overly impressed and raving to my friends. Everything about it was great!! The staff is excellent. I happen to be a health professional so i can really appreciate this office!!!
— Natalie Harbinger 1/15/18

Arrived before appt time 12:45 - was treated very pleasantly by 2 receptionists. My husband and I were treated separately and both saw Dr in same room. All went very well and we went on our way. Thanks to all!
— Frances Soave 1/12/18

Very nice office
— Elena B. 2/12/18

Very well run office!
— Maryann R. 2/13/18

Dr. Levine is exceptional! He has been our family Dr for years and has taken care of myself and parents with the best care. I would always recommend his office.
— Barbara Cohen 2/14/18

Best run medical office!! And would recommend Dr. Levine to anyone!
— Sharon B. 2/14/18

Excellent office, very professional staff and courteous, and very clean.
— Janice R. 1/29/18

Doctors + staff wonderful.
— Evelyn Walsh 2/14/18

Pleasant staff + very helpful. Looking forward to being back again next year.
— Leslie Novick 2/27/18

Excellent professional staff, friendly and very detailed doctor
— Maribel R. 2/23/18

My wife and I have been coming here for more than 4 years. We have never seen any office as neat, clean, efficient as this. Everyone is excellent as well as the service.
— John F. 2/7/18

Great doctor.
— Rick Frishman 2/15/18

Everyone is very professional. Office is very organized. Very good experience.
— Patricia C. 2/15/18

1st Class experience from the moment you enter the office. Technician (Brian) was outstanding, courteous + professional. Desk staff was awesome. Dr. Levine is a 5 star medical professional!
— Diana H. Johnson 2/16/18

Great as always. Very courteous + efficient.
Dr. Levine + his staff are A-one.
— Marvin O. 2/20/18

Dr. Levine was the eye doctor for all of my family (now passed on) - Mom, Dad, husband. I would not consider any other office for my precious eye sight.
— Marsha S. 2/20/18

Excellent Skills both professional + social skills. Warm + Caring office + staff
— Barbara W. 2/23/18

Exceptionally pleased with everyone in this office. Dr provided all information I requested - very compassionate Dr.
— Helen Fleischer 3/14/15

I am very satisfied with doctors and office. Would recommend this office to others.
— Marion H. 3/6/18

Best eye Dr in FL - Dr. Levine
— Anita G. 3/5/18

Have recommended others to this office. Have been well taken care of!
— Gary Swiatlowski 3/6/18

Staff is great and carring
— Maria Santamaria 3/13/18

Great Office - Great People
— Herbert Cole 3/12/18

Glad to come back!
— Mona Leventhal 3/26/18

I saw Dr. Castello and he was (again) very friendly and knowledgeable with me and my eyes. Brian was wonderful with my screening of my eye and did further testing on my eyes that i hadn’t had in the past.
— Michael Kolt 3/26/18

Excellent professional service, Modern office, Outstanding staff - Dr. Caring. Knowledgeable
— Harriet R. 3/20/18

I have better distance vision than ever before. Dr. Levine is extremely thorough. The whole experience was excellent from first office to final checkup. Thank you Dr. Levine for giving me clear vision.
— James F. W. 3/22/18

Would Highly Recommend to anyone.
— Eugene Milanaik 3/20/18

Great Experience.
— Marie Neshe 4/9/18

Very happy with total performance.
— Michael G. 4/11/18

Love the Doctors + Staff here awesome team.
— Bethan Whitely 5/3/18

Always Excellent!
— Mark Glassman 5/11/18

Great personal – efficient + knowledgeable. “Patient” with older people generations.
— Mary W. 5/10/18

Everytime i had to see a doctor the same day, I was accomodated.
— Phyliss A. 5/7/18

Alicia was terrific. Dr is amazing. Hanai was very sweet!
The office is run perfectly. Clean + efficient. Like a well oiled machine.
— Jane Shuster 5/16/18

Surgery was painless + quick. I have glaucoma in my right eye and I was concerned about the pressure going up. It came out great. That you and I am grateful to you.
— Harold M. 5/30/18

Very Good
— Barbara Grumet 6/11/18

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Very Kind People
Very fast, caring, helpful and quick.
— Dawn S. 6/16/18

Great office, well staffed, + knowledgeable
— Marge M 6/18/18

The Doctors + help are all really nice!
I’m very satisfied with my visits!
— Elliet S. 6/20/18

Very comfortable, very relaxed and very satisfied.
Well orchestrated office and efficient employees.
— Ronnie Bressler 6/22/18

Wonderful Doctor’s and Staff
— Pearl C. 7/11/18

Terrific Staff + Surgery Center
— Joy L. 7/19/18

Original meeting was a couple of years ago for a “narrow angles” procedure and the above review is appropriate for that as well as the current cataract surgery completed today.
— Joseph Castronovo 9/6/18

They are the best.
— Mary L. S. 8/13/18

Very efficient
Kristin at the front desk was wonderful
— Steven Karmelin 8/3/18

Great doctor, great staff
I highly recommend!
— Jeri G. 8/24/18

This office is the most efficiently run that I have seen. Both the staff and the Doctors are compassionate and pleasant to deal with.
— Doris R. 8/2/18